Thursday, October 8, 2009

Board approves plan to reopen Lowell

The Bellingham School Board voted unanimously Thursday, Oct. 8, to approve the management plan to reopen Lowell Elementary school in fall 2010. The district sent out this news release as the meeting ended.

After what we've all gone through this last year, what a breath of fresh air. From the news release:
"Our district and School Board wanted to plan to reopen Lowell as soon as our economic outlook would allow," says Acting Superintendent Sherrie Brown. "We have a clearer picture now of our budget situation for next school year, having recently settled multi-year bargaining agreements with some of our larger labor associations. Based upon the most recent state economic forecast for next school year, we currently anticipate the need for continued budget reductions for 2010-11. However, our School Board is making the commitment to reopen Lowell, to keep all of our current schools open in 2010-11, and find the budget savings elsewhere."

Click here to read the approved Lowell management plan. The board asked acting superintendent Sherrie Brown to provide updates regarding the progress of the plan, which is broken down month by month.

The board confirmed Lowell's principal will be Missy Ferguson, who was recognized at the meeting for her current school, Columbia Elementary's, consistent academic success.

The board voted to begin gathering community feedback regarding the search for a new superintendent.

This is all good news. Please, stay involved, participate in the superintendent search process, and continue to let the school district know how important these neighborhood schools are for the whole community.

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